The Human Touch 

Traditional Signwriting..The Human Touch

I have almost 30 years of hand Signwriting experience. This is my passion. My work has been featured in magazines, newspapers and on TV.

With the brush and paint the opportunities are endless, the only limitation is the imagination. 

I can paint any style of lettering and being an Artist I do lots of  pub signs, pictorials and murals. I can reproduce your exisiting logo and branding on the side of a building if needed.

I am dedicated to high quality craftsmanship, I do hand painted signs for English Heritage and 23 carat Gold leaf lettering on Honours Boards for Local Clubs. I also restore very old antiques signs back to their former glory.

I love working on any surface...signboards, shopfronts, brick walls, glass, awnings, blackboards, motorcycles, classic cars, boats, the back of a leather jacket, you name it I'll paint it!