The Human Touch 

Model Making...Technical Artist

Modelling, sculpting, moulding, casting, special effects, set building and prop making are skills which I have 

personally developed throughout my career.

I have freelanced as a technical artist working on some interesting commissions including the making of children's ITV Car "BRUM", Fabrication, assembly and paint effects were applied to enable me to complete a total of four

models, two of which were fully remote control. 

I made various large scale props for the 'Borrowers' film, along with various small-scale movable animation sets and a model of 'Clacton Pier' commemorating 'The Year Of the Pier' which was attached to Fred Talbot's weather map on Richard and Judy's, 'This Morning' programme, which gained national recognition.

Pictures to the right show...

Myself putting the final touch to ITV's 'BRUM' in 1993.

Children's animation set for the BBC

Myself holding St.Osyth Village Sign 

Close-Up showing Craftmanship