The Human Touch 

Banners & Posters...Promoting your event!

Banners & Posters are a temporary form of advertising for promoting special offers, announcing an event or celebrating an occasion.

Full Colour Banners... My Full Colour Banners are individually designed and can incorporate your own digital photography. They are printed in-house to any size on banner material using outdoor durable ink. I hem and eyelet them to give strength. 

A cost effective way to promote events and any occasion.

Full Colour Printed Posters... My Full Colour Posters are

graphically designed and digitally printed on good quality paper for temporary outdoor use. A nice way to display a combination of text and photographic image at a very affordable price. Various sizes available.


Unique Hand-painted Posters... My Posters are individually hand painted and designed to promote your event or special occasion. A temporary & cost effective way of advertising with the human touch.